Can Body Creams Be Used on Face and Hands?

Can Body Creams Be Used on Face and Hands?

We love multi-functional skin care products, but we should not change the usage area of ​​some products too much. For example, like hand cream or body cream. You may not get the desired effect when you apply creams specially produced for a certain area of ​​the body and skin structure to different areas. With exceptions of course! Yes, our word is to those who apply body cream to their hands and face… We explain why creams are separated from region to region and how to use body creams.

Can body cream be applied to the face?

Usually no, We do not recommend applying body cream to the face. because body moisturize Specially produced creams are designed to maintain the moisture balance of the body and care for the skin. Our face has more sebaceous glands than the general body. For this reason, when you apply body cream to the face, you may encounter extra oiliness and a shiny appearance on your skin.

In your skin care routine, we generally recommend using separate moisturizers for your body and separate moisturizers for your face. If you find that your skin is prone to dryness and you want to moisturize your skin quickly CeraVe Face Cream you should use This cream can be applied to the face and neck area. 3 essential ceramides, niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and hyaluronic acid It nourishes your face. You should not take the moisturizing cream applied to both the neck and face from your bag in summer and winter.

Can’t there be exceptions?

There are always exceptions when it comes to skin care! We thought that body creams were not suitable for moisturizing the face until we met CeraVe Moisturizer.

Especially recommended for dry and very dry skin CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, Thanks to the 3 basic ceramides and hyaluronic acid in its formula, it moisturizes the skin deeply. This cream, which helps to repair the protective barrier, is absorbed in your body in a controlled manner, so your skin does not dry out instantly, and you can feel moist all day long. Vee we came CeraVe Moisturizing Cream our favorite feature… CeraVe cream Suitable for both body and face use! The dense moisturizing cream helps moisturize your skin by nourishing both your face and body. In short, it is now possible to moisturize your whole body with a single cream.

Can we use body cream for hand?

Can we apply body cream on our hands? In fact, if we consider that our hands are a part of our body, yes! However, since no part of our body is as open to environmental factors as our hands, a special moisturizer may be needed for our hands.