Care Guide for Dry and Irritated Hands

Care Guide for Dry and Irritated Hands

If your hands are dry without saying summer and winter, welcome to the dry hands club! If you complain that your hands are dry and irritated to hand care you should pay more attention. Washing our hands frequently, not moistening our hands and depending on the weather conditions can dry our hands and even progress to cracking. It is possible to prevent this situation and prevent your hands from drying out! We explain the ingredients you should use in hand care and which hand cream you should use. You can have more moist, soft and velvety hands by following the hand care suggestions below.

What should you pay attention to in hand care?

Wash your hands gently: Washing our hands too often can lead to dry hands. Of course we need to wash our hands, so you have to be more sensitive when washing your hands. Do not rub your hands too much and stay away from hot water. You should wash your hands with warm water and prefer soap that does not dry your hands.

Pay attention to the use of disinfectants: When we are outside, we always take out hand sanitizer from our bag and spray it on our hands. Yes, we have to do this but after disinfectant We must not forget to moisturize our hands. You should definitely keep hand lotion or hand cream in your bag and provide the moisture it needs after disinfecting it.

After hand washing: If you have dry or prone to cracking hands, you should definitely care after washing your hands. Applying any hand cream to your sensitive hands and applying perfumed creams can cause worse results. Instead, you should choose hand creams that will intensely moisturize your hands, do not contain perfume and have moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide and hyaluronic acid.

Take precaution when going out: To protect your hands, which tend to be irritated, you should always apply hand cream before going out. Just like applying sunscreen to your face before going out, you should apply hand cream regularly to protect your hands from the weather.

Sweating of your hands can also cause dryness

Cold weather isn’t the only reason your hands are dry! Sweating hands can also cause dryness and irritation of the hands. Our hands can sweat faster, especially in times of stress, excitement or sudden emotional changes. Sweating of your hands can lead to a decrease in moisture and directly dry hands.

If you feel your hands are sweaty, use your hands to relax and complete hand care. warm water and hand soap You should clean it with Soap is very important for cleaning the oil and sweat from your hands, and warm water is very important for accelerating the blood flow to your hands! So you feel your hands are cleaned. If you don’t clean your sweaty hands, your pores can close and your hands tend to dry out faster. You can control sudden emotional changes by applying your favorite hand cream after washing your hands.

Hand cream recommendation for hands prone to dryness

For dry and irritated hands CeraVe Repairing Hand Cream We recommend. Containing 3 essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid that our dry hands need. CeraVe Hand Cream, It instantly moisturizes the hands, making them feel softer and moister. Hand Cream you should use it not only after your hands are dry, but by including it in your daily care routine. When you apply hand cream after washing your hands during the day, you will notice that your hands are not as dry as before.

Helps repair the skin’s protective barrier while moisturizing the skin. CeraVe El Kemi, With its perfume-free formula, it comes to the rescue of sensitive hands. You should definitely add one of the hand creams to your office drawer and one to your bag. Apply hand cream whenever you need it and enjoy your relaxed hands. You can have velvety soft hands in the morning by applying the hand cream while you sleep at night.