Home Spa: How to Have a Refreshing Bath Routine

Home Spa: How to Have a Refreshing Bath Routine

Having a spa experience is one of the most enjoyable moments for everyone! what about you Enjoy the spa What if we told you you could take it home?

Spa at home It’s actually much more convenient and comfortable than you think! With a familiar environment, the music you love, and your favorite bath products, you can spend one day a week at home for a Spa. How about creating a new bath routine for Sunday, one of your favorite days of the week? We share with you the products you need to create a refreshing bath routine and pamper your body.

Prepare the bathroom

If you want to make your bath routine special, you have to prepare the bath. When you fill the tub, you throw it in. Spa supplies you can think. If you want to relieve muscle pain and relieve fatigue, we recommend using bath salts. You can do body care by dripping bath oil or essential oils in the tub.

Don’t forget to take your favorite candles with you while you prepare your bath. Bathing by candlelight it will relax you and allow your body to rest better. Of course, you should also add the book or magazine you’re reading to your bathroom routine. Quietly reading in the bathtub will help your body relax and focus better.

While you prepare your bathroom routine buy your favorite fruit and healthy drink too you must not forget. Taking a hot bath can cause your body to become dehydrated. You should have smoothies or cold water to balance your body’s moisture.

Choose your favorite shower gel

We recommend using your favorite shower gel when preparing a spa experience at home. We’re sure you have a stock of your favorite shower gel too. Reserved for special occasions, loved by the scent ‘o’ shower gel Now is the time to use it.

If you ask about the shower gel that we use most often, you can choose İpek Shower Gels without hesitation. we can say. Each of these shower gels of the İpek brand has a wonderful smell and formula. The fig milk, orchid, vanilla and ylang-ylang oil scents of İpek shower gels, which make the bathroom a total pleasure, really make you feel perfect. In addition, the creamy, gel and granular formulas of these shower gels maximize the feeling of cleaning.

Make a mask on your skin during the bath

With the steam of the hot bath, your skin softens and your pores are opened. You can turn this situation into an opportunity and make a paper mask on your face. While you are reading your book in the bathtub, you should also care for your skin with a face mask.

Harnessing the power of natural nutrients Garnier’s Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule Paper Face Mask, We are sure it will suit your Spa experience very well. Watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid in its formula show a tightening effect by providing intense moisture to the skin. skin after bath to look bright and lively Place the mask on your skin and wait for 5 minutes. At the end of the period, you can spread the excess product remaining in the sheet mask on your skin and make the effect of the mask last longer.

Remove dead skin with exfoliation

If you want to get rid of dead skin cells during the bath, you can use exfoliating wash gels. Gentle removal of dead skin cells peeling gels It cares for the skin and prevents sensitive skin from being irritated.

You can use exfoliating gels with a bath sponge or just by rubbing them with your hands. Top of our favorite exfoliating wash gels La Roche Posay Effaclar Micro Peeling Gel is coming. The micro-peeling gel helps to open the pores in the skin and expel the dead skin cells. It removes excess sebum from oily skin and gives the skin a natural matte finish. When you use the peeling gel regularly, you can see that the blackheads are reduced and the excessive shine on your skin is gone. Exfoliating gel that can be applied to the face and body. shipwrecks You should try to use it too.

Don’t forget to moisturize your body

If you want the pleasure of bathing to continue throughout the day, you should moisturize your body after each bath. Bathing with hot water can lead to a decrease in moisture and dryness of the skin. Yes, we love the soothing and relaxing effect of hot water, but we also need to know its effects on the skin.

To hydrate your body after getting out of the bath CeraVe body moisturizer you can use. Thanks to the ceramide and hyaluronic acid in its formula, we use this cream after every bath, which repairs the skin barrier and keeps the skin moist throughout the day. The secret of CeraVe cream is Although it is quickly absorbed into the skin, it leaves a moist feeling all day long with its controlled release technology! Thus, after the bath, your skin does not dry out and looks smoother.

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