How is a Pouch Made? What are the harms of making a pouch?

How is a Pouch Made? What are the harms of making a pouch?

which one of us to make a pouch don’t we love Like everyone else, we loved the scrub application, which relaxes the body, removes dead skin and has a massage effect… Until we researched the benefits and harms of the scrub. make a pouch In fact, he was not as innocent as one might think. Let’s tell you how you can make a pouch without harming your body and how often you should make a pouch. After learning the right scrub method, you will see that your skin is healthier.

How is the cut made?

Classic pouch method It consists of soap and a scrub. First of all, you should make your skin relax with the hot air given by the tub or hammam. After your skin softens, you can apply the soap and start a deep skin cleansing with the hard side of the scrub. Since the pores are opened with the effect of steam,i oil, dirt and dead skin It is easily removed from the body with the pouch. Especially because dead skin accumulates in the body after summer There is more demand for pouches. The cellulite removal effect of the pouch It is also said to be. We have neither seen nor heard that scrubbing reduces cellulite! You shouldn’t believe such hearsay.

Although the traditional scrub method provides instant cleansing and relief on our skin, its long-term results can be harmful to us. That’s why regular those who want to purse We recommend that they first replace the hot water with lukewarm water. You can also make a scrub by applying the appropriate widow gel to your body with warm water. It is possible to clean the skin and remove the dead skin with the soft side of the pouch!

Editor’s suggestion: Conventional soaps can irritate your skin and tend to dry it out. in every bathroom La Roche Posay Effaclar Micro Peeling Jeli we are using. This cleansing gel, suitable for face and body use, opens the pores with its exfoliating ingredients and ensures the removal of dead skin. Intense defects in the body, even shipwrecks This helps to reduce micro peel jelly You can use it for every wash.

What are the harms of making a pouch?


Scrubbing can dry out the skin

The outermost layer of our skin is responsible for protecting us from external factors and keeping the moisture level of the skin in balance. Strictly make a pouch, Using extremely hot water and trying to clean the skin deeply with a scrub damages the outermost protective layer of the skin. This is our skin. more sensitive and prone to drying why could it be.

To moisturize your skin deeply after each bath and to prevent the skin from drying out with the effect of hot water. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream you should use CeraVe Cream, which helps to repair the skin barrier, provides the moisture that the skin needs after the pouch and allows the outer layer to renew itself quickly. 3 essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid Contains CeraVe Cream, which stays on the skin for a long time and repairs the sensitive skin. You can apply this cream to your skin whenever you need it.

Frequent scrubbing can irritate your skin

Frequent scrubbing can cause skin irritation. Because the top layer of our skin protects our skin from environmental factors and prevents harmful substances from entering. When we make a pouch, we can irritate the outermost layer of our skin and reduce the effect of this skin layer.

How often should you make a pouch?: You can make a body scrub once a month. If you need to scrub more often, you should moisturize your skin intensely and avoid hot water. After making a scrub, you should definitely protect your sensitive skin by applying sunscreen when going out.

To transform the pleasure of scrubbing in the bathroom into a SPA experience Kiehl’s Musk Duş Jeli’ni you can use. This shower gel, which has a very rich structure, leaves a foamy effect even with a few drops of application. It softens your skin and makes your bathroom more enjoyable with its fragrant scent. Using Kiehl’s shower gel Don’t wait to make a pouch! You can reward yourself by using this shower gel in your daily showers. You can clean your body with a shower sponge.

Is it harmful to scrub the face?

The thinness of the skin on our body and the skin on our face is not the same! Our face becomes much more sensitive and open to irritation. For this reason, you should be very careful and research the face scrubs well before making a scrub on your face.

Instead of scrubbing the face facial cleansing tools It may be safer to use. By using a face wash gel that is good for your skin, you can protect your skin health and prevent your face from getting irritated when you use silicone face cleaning tools once or twice a week. The tough fibers of the sac can scratch the skin and damage the fat layer. Once a year facial sac You can do it, we do not recommend more.


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