How to Care for Feet and Heels with Calendula Oil?

How to Care for Feet and Heels with Calendula Oil?

Do you know the benefits of calendula oil? Calendula oil, obtained from calendula flower, is one of the most valuable care oils preferred in foot and heel care. By using calendula, you can care for your sensitive, dry and cracked feet. So, what are the benefits of calendula plant? How is calendula oil made? We share with you what you wonder about calendula oil.

What are the benefits of calendula oil?

Calendula plant cares for acne and acne on the face, smoothes the skin.
It acts against athlete’s foot and relieves itching.
It moisturizes the skin and cares for sensitive skin.
Relieves eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin diseases.
When calendula oil is applied to its body, it repels flies and repels insects.
Calendula cream has sunscreen properties.
It is good for skin burns and skin blemishes.
It supports the formation of new cells, provides regeneration of the irritated skin.
It’s good to have.
It allows the bruises on the body to pass in a shorter time.
It heals the scars on the skin fast and balances the discoloration.

How is calendula oil made?

Making calendula oil is easier than you think. Gather calendula flowers when they are ripe. Calendula usually grows in the Mediterranean climate. You can find calendula in areas with sunny and sandy soil. After collecting the flowers, separate the leaves one by one and let them dry in the sun.

Put the dried calendula flowers in a dark glass jar and add olive oil just to cover it. When making calendula oil, you should definitely use cold-pressed olive oil. When using different oils, an allergic reaction may occur on the skin. You should rest the calendula oil for 4-8 weeks without opening it. During this time, you should be impatient and open the jar. We recommend that you use the maturing oil within 2 years.

Foot care with calendula oil

Step 1: Put your feet in warm water

You can care for your dry and cracked feet with calendula oil. To benefit from the benefits of calendula, you can use calendula oil or calendula cream. For calendula foot care, first prepare a warm water. You should add a few drops of calendula oil to this water. In this way, your feet will be softened and moisture will be gained at the same time.

Step 2: Exfoliate your feet

One of the benefits of calendula oil is to remove dead cells and support the formation of new skin. For this, file your slightly dry heels with a foot file and ensure that the dead foot skin is removed.

Step 3: Apply moisturizer to your feet

After removing the dead skin cells from your feet, your dry feet will need an intense moisturizer. We recommend CeraVe Regenerating Foot Cream for foot care. Recommended for dry and hardened feet, this foot cream contains 3 essential ceramides, salicylic acid and ammonium lactate. CeraVe cream, which provides repair of the protective skin barrier, will give your feet a moist and soft feeling for a long time. Thanks to its intense and fast-absorbing formula, you can continue your daily life after foot care.