How to Do Cellulite Massage at Home?

How to Do Cellulite Massage at Home?

The problem of cellulite is starting to become a very common problem among women. The appearance of orange peel on the body becomes inevitable with the stress, intense working order and the irregular eating habits that come with it.

Although some women are at peace with their cellulite appearance, some of us want to have smoother legs. If you want to get rid of cellulite, you should meet with cellulite massage. Doing cellulite massage at home will not only relax your body, but also accelerate blood circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. You can find oils that are good for cellulite and massage methods that remove cellulite in the continuation of the article.

What is cellulite massage?

This massage technique, also known as anti-cellulite massage, is a method that specifically targets cellulite and helps reduce cellulite in this area. Cellulite massage breaks down fat in areas affected by cellulite. improve the appearance of cellulite purposes. In this massage technique, compression and rolling massage techniques are used to break up the oils. In anti-cellulite massage, blood circulation is increased and the healing process is accelerated.

Cellulite massage at home, unlike the classical whole body massage, is performed only on areas with cellulite. Anti-cellulite massage can be a little harder or painful as well as relaxing. You may have to use some force to break up the fat under the skin 🙂

Does cellulite go away with massage?: Anti-cellulite massage targets three points. Breaking down fat tissue, strengthening connective tissue and accelerating blood circulation. When you apply these steps with the right massage technique, you can see that your cellulite decreases after each massage. Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy after cellulite massage will also shorten the way to a smooth body.

What do you need for cellulite massage at home?

To do a cellulite massage at home, you need to do some preparation beforehand. Just as you can massage with your fingers, you can apply cellulite massage faster and more accurately with some massage tools.

Cellulite massager: We recommend using a cellulite removal massager to do cellulite massage at home. The massage gun used in gyms is ideal for this massage! You can get rid of cellulite faster thanks to the home type g5 massager, which has a ball-shaped tip and will allow you to massage your legs with regular blows.

Foam roller: At home, you can use a foam roller, called a foam roller, to reduce lymphatic drainage, that is, to remove fluid circulation in the tissues and toxins from the body. Foam roller is used especially at the end of the cellulite removal massage to relax the legs and relieve edema.

Cellulite oil: You should use cellulite massage oil while doing cellulite massage. Among the oils that are good for cellulite, orange, jojoba and lavender oils are preferred. If you wish, you can mix cellulite oil with other oils to provide an easier massage application. Instead of massaging your dry skin, we recommend that you apply cellulite oil before the massage.

What can be used as cellulite massage oil?: One of our favorite oils to apply during cellulite massage. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil is coming. Kiehl’s body oil containing Squalane and Grape Seed Oil deeply moisturizes and nourishes your body. It makes your body look more moist, bright and well-groomed after the massage. After the massage, after removing the dead skin, you should definitely apply a moisturizing effective care oil.

How is cellulite massage done?

To activate the areas with cellulite and accelerate fat burning, you should start the massage from the hips, thighs and upper legs. Thanks to this massage activation process, blood circulation will begin to accelerate and the energy flow in the body will increase. During the body activation process, which is the first step of cellulite massage, your body will relax and you will not feel pain.

After the main points of cellulite massage are activated, you should do a full ‘kneading’ massage starting from your hips towards your feet. Thanks to the kneading technique, you will loosen the fat tissue. By stretching your skin, you can break down the adipose tissue. Doing a G5 massage at home, that is, rhythmic fat burning massage, may seem painful and sensitive in the first application. You should definitely use massage oil to relax during cellulite massage. You will make your cellulite massage more enjoyable with cold-pressed oils that you like the smell of and relax you.

As the massage progresses, you can really feel the cellulite under the skin and the process of kneading and rolling the body can start to become quite natural. As the massage continues, the fat deposits loosen and become softer. Although the pinching and pulling motion may be uncomfortable at first, the kneading motion will calm the muscles.

Even after a short time, you will feel that the skin elasticity in the affected areas has increased and the skin surface has become smoother. Another advantage of anti-cellulite massage is that you don’t have to wait long to see results. At the end of the massage, you can relax your body with a massage gun.

How many days is cellulite massage done?: We recommend that you do the cellulite massage once every 15 days. The average cellulite massage takes 25 minutes.

What you need to know about cellulite massage

Cellulite massage or G5 massage is a very effective method for cellulite treatment. We can say that it is a very useful massage not only for cellulite, but also for removing toxins from the body, breaking down fat and accelerating blood circulation.

While doing cellulite massage, you can make this job more professional by using massage aids such as the home type G5 massager. Using a cellulite removal massager is important for a more controlled progression of the massage. One of the most common questions we encounter when performing cellulite massage is: Does dry brushing reduce cellulite? Horse hair brushes or cellulite brushing method is done to remove dead cells in the body and accelerate blood circulation. Dry brushing alone will not help you get rid of cellulite.

You don’t need to use cellulite gel and cellulite removal creams while doing cellulite massage. You can complete your massage using body oil. You should not forget to apply moisturizer to your legs after having a cellulite massage. CeraVe Humidifier It intensively moisturizes and repairs the dry and sensitive skin after the massage. The 3 Essential Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid in its formula repair the skin barrier and help the moisturizer stay on the skin surface for a long time. After the cellulite massage, apply moisturizer to your red and sensitive skin. Keep your legs moist and smooth for 24 hours. Enjoy.