Mustache Removal Methods at Home

Mustache Removal Methods at Home

Do you find yourself in beauty salons as the hair on your face grows? In fact, you can apply mustache removal methods at home. Mustache with thread Although it may seem difficult at first, after you try it, you realize that it is not so difficult.

You can only get rid of mustaches with a thread without using methods such as a mustache remover or a thread removal tool. After learning how to grow a mustache at home, you can have smoother skin in minutes. You are waiting for the rest of the article to learn the methods of mustache removal.

How to get a mustache with thread?

Step 1: Use cotton thread

For the method of mustache with thread, you should definitely use cotton thread that does not break easily. Very thin threads can break quickly and the mustache removal process may take longer than you expect.

Generally, 70 cm threads are sufficient for feathering. You can also determine the length of the rope by experimenting in your hand.

Step 2: Tie the end of the rope

One of the most common mistakes when buying a mustache at home is holding the end of the rope with the teeth. You may not be able to move comfortably while holding a rope in your mouth. Therefore, you must tie the end of the rope. That way, you won’t have to hold the end of the rope with your mouth.

Step 3: Create an auger with the rope

To get hair with a thread, put the thread on your fingers and loop the thread around the wrist 8-10 times. So you will create a twist in the middle of the rope. You can use the rope like precision scissors, thanks to this method of mustache removal.

Step 4: Practice with rope

After twisting the rope diagonally, practice further your hair removal method. You should see how you get hair by pulling the crossed rope left and right. When you open your fingers, you will see the middle auger moving away from your fingers. Likewise, when you close your fingers, the twisted part will approach towards you.

Step 5: You’re ready to trim your mustache

Inflate and stretch the area you want to remove hair with your tongue. Thus, you will be able to reach your mustache more easily. Then bring the twist part of the rope in the middle to your mustache and remove the hairs with back and forth movements. Although it may be difficult for you to grow a mustache at home in the first application, you will get used to it after trying a few times.

Skin care after epilation

Your skin may turn red after applications such as eyebrow threading and facial threading at home. To soothe your sensitive skin, you can apply powder to your skin before the string trimmer. Applying powder both prepares the skin for epilation and keeps the redness of the skin under control after hair removal.

Products such as eyebrow trimmer and mustache trimmer can cause more sensitivity on the skin. For this reason, you should not give up on the classic rope hair removal method. If you want longer lasting waxing at home you can learn.

Be sure to bring a refreshing moisturizer with you to relax your skin after epilation. Apply ceramide-containing moisturizer that helps to repair the skin on the area where you have removed the hair. It is normal to have a slight redness and rough appearance in the epilated area, you can control this by applying a moisturizer.


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