Preparation for Summer: What Can You Do in Body Care?

Preparation for Summer: What Can You Do in Body Care?

Summer is approaching. Now is the time to tackle the body care we neglected in winter! To wear skirts with peace of mind in hot weather and to open the sandal season, you should start taking care of your body.

Taking care of your body during the summer will help you on hot days and help you be more practical against unprepared plans. When we think of summer body care, we think of exfoliating, body moisturizing, pedicure ve manicure it’s coming! Set aside a Sunday for body care for the summer season and start pampering yourself. best body creams and if your peelings are ready, we begin to explain body care for the summer.

Get rid of dead skin before summer

We recommend that you get rid of dead skin before summer comes. at the beginning of summer exfoliating your body you can make your skin look smoother and keep the sunken problem in your legs under control.

Let’s admit it, we don’t do it to our body as much as we exfoliate our face. In fact, you do not need to exfoliate your body often, because our body is not exposed to free radicals as much as our face and it is protected under clothes, albeit a little. However, as summer approaches, we recommend that you exfoliate your legs, arms and shoulders. L’Oreal Paris Sugar Peeling Radiance RevitalizerIt will help remove dead skin from your body and make your body look more radiant. This peeling contains grape seed oil, vitamin E and Monoi oil, It has a gentle peeling effect while moisturizing your body. Dead skin and dirt accumulated in the top layer of the body are removed, and your skin begins to look brighter. In the market care, after the bath, by exfoliating to the deep that softens with the effect of the steam. smoother leg and you can have arms.

Moisturize your body more often

During the winter months, we sometimes delay the body moisturizing work, we can’t do it often. But as summer begins If you want your body to look smooth You should take your humidification job seriously.

In your dehydrated body dryness, flaking and peeling after tanning You may see more problems like You don’t want your dry legs to look dull when you wear skirts or shorts, do you? 2-3 times a week Or you should apply a moisturizer that repairs the skin barrier, depending on your body’s needs. I always use it all year long without trying it in summer or winter.z CeraVe Humidifier We recommend you too. While the 3 basic ceramides and hyaluronic acids in its content moisturize the body, it also helps to repair the protective barrier of the skin. Thus, in the summer, his body is exposed to sun rays, salt and chlorinated water, sand and dryness Your skin becomes much more resistant to such problems. The controlled release technology of the CeraVe humidifier, It will prevent leaving an oily feeling on your skin, and will also keep your skin moist throughout the day. We can’t think of a better moisturizer for the summer season!

Are your hands ready for summer?

Hands are one of the areas we pay the most attention to in body care as summer approaches. You will ride in the summer colorful and neon nail polishes It will draw all the attention to your hands. If you want to put your hands on the table with peace of mind, you should moisturize your hands regularly and do a manicure.

Everyone’s been talking about lately cuticle oils and manicure peels have you heard how it dries hands? Instead of using cuticle peels that dry out the nail edges with the best hand creams You can provide hand care. To make your hands look well-groomed, you can push your nails back with the help of a small stick after each bath. Cutting the meat around the nails causes them to grow faster. File your nails regularly and clean the clips that grow on the nail with the tip of the file. Instead of applying peeling or care oils after manicuring your hands Kiehl’s Scented El Cream We recommend that you use Hand cream with Shea Butter and Vitamin E intensely moisturizes your hands and helps repair dry skin. Outside Kiehl’s the cremini When it is applied, it will attract the attention of all your friends with the scent of lavender, grapefruit and coriander, they will want to know which hand cream you use, be prepared now!

What about foot care?

Your feet, stuck in boots and sneakers during the winter, will want to be free in the summer! To prepare your feet for the sandal season, you should definitely do foot care and start repairing your dry heels.

To do foot care at home With a pumice stone, you can remove the dead skin on your heels after taking a bath. Be careful, you should not use the heel stone on your feet or on your toes. The pumice stone, which has a very hard surface, can irritate the rest of your foot. After you file your nails and push the cuticles back, you can start applying nail polish. CeraVe Regenerating Foot Cream, One of the best creams we can recommend for dry and cracked feet! With the formula of ceramides, salicylic acid and ammonium lactate It creates a gentle peeling effect on the feet and intensely moisturizes the dry skin of the feet. on your feet regularly. CeraVe foot cream You will notice that your heels look more moist, healthy and smooth when you apply it. Now your feet are ready for sandal season!