Things to know about hair breaker!

Things to know about hair breaker!

Hair breaker is one of the most frequently asked questions to us. Although the treatment of alopecia has developed in recent years, it is still one of the most important skin and hair problems. Those who suffer from ringworm disease know very well how serious and important this is. If you have alopecia or if you have this disease, we have prepared a great guide for you. What is a hair breaker? How is hair loss treated? Most searched topics on this topic my skin and me editors takes over.

What is a hair breaker?

hair breaker, in the language of medicine alopecia disease, a hair disease that results in hair loss. Ringworm disease is seen in the hair and beard.

Do not confuse alopecia with hair loss. When you have alopecia, you suddenly start to experience hair loss, and hair loss is usually seen in the form of round rings. Hair loss it starts step by step. It is seen in the dilution type and there is no round opening in the skin.

Will all my hair fall out when it breaks?: When we look at the patients with alopecia, only 5% of the hair loss is seen. In 1% of those who had this disease, it was observed that all of their body hair was lost.

How does hair breakage occur?

Hair loss is a disease caused by the immune system of the body. The immune system starts to see the cells in the body as if they are enemy cells and fights them. In this case, lymphocyte cells around the hair follicles secrete cytokine chemicals. cytokine secretion causes hair loss in this area. Like this ‘What causes hair breaker?’ We have answered the question.

Hair breaker disease develops in three stages. First, the hair or beard falls out quickly. In the second stage, the rings in which these spills are experienced begin to expand. In the third and final stage, in the rings where the hair is shed white hair it begins to stretch. These stages of alopecia do not occur quickly. It can take months or even years for your hair to grow back.

Is it because of sadness that breaks hair?: It is known among the people that hair breaker disease occurs due to sadness and stress. When the patients are examined, it is seen that some patients occur in people who have gone through a stressful period, but this is not true for all patients. There are also those who unexpectedly fell ill with alopecia.

How is hair loss treatment done?

You should go to a dermatologist as soon as you start seeing signs of shingles. After the dermatologist has diagnosed alopecia treatment, you can recommend alopecia creams and treatments. hair removal remedy will suggest.

But it is useful to say this; There is no definitive treatment for hair loss. The hair of patients who have had alopecia can sometimes grow back on their own. Hair that turns white after the disease can regain its color, but these are not definitive results!

Remember, ringworm is not a contagious disease, so you don’t need to stay away from people who have ringworm. And don’t worry if you have alopecia, this disease does not trigger other diseases. Only people with alopecia have had effects such as depression and stress due to illness.

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