What Causes Hand Dryness? What Is Good For Dry Hands?

What Causes Hand Dryness? What Is Good For Dry Hands?

Regardless of the season, hand dryness is one of the problems that we always face. Hands that dry out from the heat and sweat in the summer also dry up in the winter due to the cold. So, what’s good for dry hands? If you suffer from constant drying and hardening of your hands like us, you should discover the best creams against dry hands. We tell you the precautions you can take to prevent your hands from getting dry and how to stop them! Are you ready?

What causes dry hands?

Hands are often dry due to environmental factors. Very hot and very cold weather is one of the most important reasons for hand drying. Washing hands frequently after weather conditions, using hand sanitizer and the drugs used can also lead to dry hands.

If you often wear rubber gloves, such as dishwashing gloves, these can also dry out hands. Eczema-type problems seen in some sensitive skin types also cause hand dryness and stiffness in the hands. If you have exfoliation and an extremely itchy condition on your hands, you should definitely consult a dermatologist.

How is hand dryness?

1. Moisturize


You should moisten your hands frequently to prevent them from drying out. The reason why you don’t emphasize it here often is that you need to renew the cream because you wash your hands during the day! We recommend that you apply moisturizer after each washing your hands. Because washing your hands with soap can lower the pH of your skin and your skin may dry out and become rough. after every hand wash La Roche Posay Lipstick Xerand The Cream you can drive. Recommended for dry and worn hands, this hand cream not only moisturizes your hands, but also strengthens the skin barrier by repairing it. Thus, tiny environmental factors will not easily dry their hands.

2. Do night care

As effective as night skin care is, night hand care is just as effective! When you’re not using your hands (that is, while you sleep), apply hand cream and put on cotton gloves. La Roche Posay Lipstick Xerand The Cream ideal for this application! Thanks to its dense and rich consistency, it provides ultra care by feeding your hands all night long. Even you won’t believe how soft your hands are when you wake up in the morning.

3. Wear gloves in winter

In the cold of winter, you should protect your hands from dry weather. You can prevent your hands from drying out by wearing cotton gloves when going out. Also, review the soap you use to keep your hands from drying out. Moisturizes and makes hands soft La Roche Posay Lipikar Pain Surgras hand dry after using will be history for you.

A concentrated formula of niacinamide and lipid replenishing Soap bar, Despite the drying effect of water, it intensively moisturizes the hands and makes them soft as velvet. No matter how many times you wash your hands during the day, you will no longer face the problem of dryness.

4. Review the medications you use

The cause of dry hands may be the medications and skin creams you use. Prescription creams can cause side effects and lead to dry hands. If you are experiencing persistent dry hands, you can consult your doctor.

5. Protect from the sun

How to remove dryness on hands? Protect your hands from the sun to prevent hand drying. Our skin, which is exposed to UV rays, can be dehydrated and tend to dry out. We can hide our bodies from the sun during the day, but never our hands! For this reason, you should definitely apply SPF50 sunscreen to your hands when going out in sunny weather. Renew sunscreen if your hands come into contact with water. Protecting your hands from the sun will also be good for the fine lines on the hands, let’s say!