What Causes Itching at the Roots of the Hair, How Does It Go?

What Causes Itching at the Roots of the Hair, How Does It Go?

We know how much it bothers you with those endless itching at the bottom of your hair. The desire to constantly scratch your head can embarrass you at work, outside or in front of those around you.

Persistent itchy scalp is a sign that something is wrong with the scalp. If you have a different and severe itching than normal, you should definitely investigate the reasons for it and use care products that relax the scalp. For this, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist. Your dermatologist will make the most appropriate and correct care recommendations for you.

So, what are the causes of this intense itching sensation on the scalp? How can you stop scalp itching?

What causes itchy scalp?

Itchy scalp can have multiple causes. Insufficient cleaning, using products that are not suitable for the scalp, pulling the hair too tightly, eczema and dandruff Conditions such as this can cause itching of the scalp.

Just as As with skin care products, You should also use care products suitable for the skin type of your scalp. We recommend using special hair care products for extremely oily scalp, dry scalp or sensitive scalp. Choosing the wrong product can cause sensitization of the scalp and cause itching on the scalp.

Use shampoo suitable for your scalp

In order to reduce dandruff on the sensitive and itchy scalp, we recommend that you use a hair care product suitable for the hair problem. To control dandruff on the scalp shampoos with a micro-exfoliating effect and containing LHA it will be good for you. Thanks to the shampoos that soothe the scalp, itching will decrease and the sensitivity of the scalp will be controlled.

If there is a persistent itching sensation on the scalp with recurrent dandruff problem you may be facing. These dandruff, which stick to the scalp, cause a feeling of discomfort on the scalp, disturbing you during the day and night while you sleep. Classical dandruff shampoosmay not be enough to remove stubborn dandruff. Instead, it uses advanced technology-inspired scalp and Shampoos that act directly on the hair root We recommend that you use

One of our favorites for recurring dandruff and reducing itching. La Roche Posay Kerium DS shampoo. Vitamin PP in the formula of this shampoo soothes the itching sensation on the scalp and makes us feel comfortable. kerium shampoo, It acts as a thin, dense and micro-peeling to act on permanent dandruff. By gently peeling off the dandruff layer on the scalp, it removes the recurring dandruff problem from the scalp.

Kerium DS shampoo is recommended to be used twice a week as it is a very effective and intense shampoo. 4 week cycle, twice a week La Roche Posay dandruff shampoo We can say that the dandruff problem on our scalp is visibly reduced. On other days of the week, it is used as a complementary shampoo. La Roche Posay Kerium Doux Extreme shampoo Let’s not go without saying that we use it.

Don’t pull your hair too tight

Remember those moments when you came home and unwrapped your hair on the days when you held your hair tight. How hard do you want to scratch your scalp, right? pulling your hair tight, It causes the scalp not to breathe and the air does not go to the hair follicles. This causes the scalp to dry and dandruff may cause. If you regularly collect your hair very often, you should first stop this habit. Instead of pulling your hair tightly together, it is more shabby. hair styles Or you can braid. If you want to make your hair a tight ponytail on special days, when you come home, open your hair quickly and comb your hair so that your hair roots can breathe.

washing your hair with hot water

If you have severely itchy hair, one of the first things you should do is break the habit of washing your hair with hot water. Because hot water can dry the scalp and cause dandruff problem in the hair. You should definitely choose warm or cold water for each wash.

Hot air flow is just as important as hot water. Those who dry their hair with a hair dryer should definitely protect their scalp. If the hair dryer does not have a cold air option, you should only dry the ends of your hair and wait for the scalp to dry naturally. We expect our hair to dry naturally for both our hair and scalp health.

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