What is Hand Eczema? What Are the Symptoms of Hand Eczema?

What is Hand Eczema? What Are the Symptoms of Hand Eczema?

One of the most common types of eczema What causes hand eczema? How does it go? We have handled all the details for you.

Dryness, itching, burning and flaking of the skin… Hello eczema! This skin condition is one of the skin conditions that can occur at certain times of the year and which we can unfortunately describe as chronic. medical name atopic dermatitis Since it can be seen in different parts of the body, it can be said that it has many different types. The most common of them is undoubtedly “hand eczema”. This hand eczema (dermatitis), which manifests itself especially with the cold weather, is one of the factors that affects the quality of life of the person. In this article, which we discussed about hand eczema, What is hand eczema, why does it occur? How is hand eczema treated?“What are the symptoms?” We sought answers to questions such as: Happy reading!

What is Hand Eczema?

Hand eczema is a skin condition that manifests itself with symptoms such as itching, dryness, burning and exfoliation of the skin. Hand eczema, which is seen as a chronic disease, is seen as one of the most common types of eczema and can occur at any age. Contrary to common belief, eczema, which is not an infectious disease, is more common in people with a history of atopic eczema and in people who are in frequent contact with chemicals such as detergents and water.

What are the Symptoms of Hand Eczema?

The most common symptoms of hand eczema are as follows;

  • dry skin,
  • Itching,
  • Cracking,
  • August

In addition to these, there are symptoms seen in advanced stages, and we can list them as follows;

  • bubble formation,
  • inflammation,
  • red spots

As you can see, the symptom of eczema on the hand is not a symptom to be taken lightly. Moreover, it can affect a person’s standard of living. So, what do you think are the factors that cause this ailment? Let’s take a look at this.

What Causes Hand Eczema?

Experts state that hand eczema is generally seen in whom and why:

  • Those with a history of skin allergens,
  • Prolonged exposure to skin irritating chemicals (such as disinfectants)
  • Employees in the hairdressing profession,
  • Nurses,
  • Those who work in the laboratory environment,
  • Individuals working in mechanical jobs,
  • Those who have sweating problems,
  • Those exposed to intense stress
  • cold and harsh climate,
  • washing hands in excess water

All these substances listed above are among the number 1 factors in the formation of hand eczema. Unfortunately, it is inevitable for some professionals to get this disease. So, how should eczema be treated?

How Does Hand Eczema Pass?

What is good for hand eczema?We would like to respond to the answer of the question by reminding that the treatment should be started with the help of a dermatologist first. Eczema creams are at the forefront of the methods that experts consider appropriate to be applied during the treatment. These cream types are:

  • creams containing cortisone,
  • Steroid creams and ointments,
  • Creams that provide intense moisture,
  • antibacterial creams,

They are separated from each other. Apart from this, some treatments may include the use of medicated bandages to relieve itching. In addition, a treatment consisting of ultraviolet waves, known as UV therapy, can be applied to reduce itching and inflammation. You should not neglect to talk to your doctor for the most appropriate treatment.

Editor’s note: If your hands have a very dry appearance and signs of hand eczema, we recommend that you see a dermatologist first. You should follow the recommendations of the skin doctor after examining you, and avoid home remedies.