What is Under Eye Mask? What Does It Do?

What is Under Eye Mask? What Does It Do?

We tell you everything you need to know about eye contour and under eye masks!

As we always say, the eye area requires much more careful care than the rest of the skin. Under-eye masks come to our rescue for moisturizing the eye area, which is much thinner and more sensitive.

What is an under eye mask ve what does it do You are in the right place to find out! After reading this article and getting our best eye mask recommendations, you will have the perfect eye contour.

What is an under eye mask?

Just as we apply masks to our skin to care, eye masks also provide intensive care around the eyes. Natural eye masks at home It can be applied effectively, as well as an effective care with paper and silicone under-eye masks.

What does an eye mask do?

The focus of the eye contour and under-eye masks is to intensely cover the eye area. is to moisturize. It removes the appearance of fine lines caused by lack of moisture, gives moisture to the eye area, making it look brighter and fuller.

Except this Under-eye masks with vitamin C They help to lighten the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. They also remove the appearance of under-eye bags and eye puffiness.

How to apply an eye mask?

Skin cleansing is a necessity before the eye mask, just as it is with face masks. Before making an eye mask, you should clean your skin well and remove the remnants of eye make-up.Then, apply the eye mask of your choice according to the needs of your eye area and apply it to your skin for approx. 10-15 minutes you can wait. After removing the mask, you can massage the remaining product on your skin around your eyes by massaging it with your ring finger.

When to use an under eye mask?

you are sleepy At times, eye masks will be your savior. Apart from that, if you feel that your eye area is dehydrated, you can use an under-eye mask. By applying an eye mask 1-2 times a week, you can ensure that this area is well moisturized. Apart from that, you can apply an under-eye mask whenever you want when you wake up in the morning, after a shower, before going to bed at night or while working.

How to make an eye mask at home?

eye mask recipes at home between tea ve cucumber masks stands out. If you have under-eye bags, you will see the swelling go down when you place the used tea bags on your eyelids and wait for a while.

You can also use cucumber peels to moisturize your eye area. Apart from that, you can grate a cucumber and squeeze its juice, then pour it on round cotton balls and keep it on your eyes for 10 minutes.

These methods applied at home may cause undesirable reactions as they are not specially formulated for the eye area. Therefore, we recommend that you buy and apply eye masks that are safe to use around the eyes. You can get visible effects because these eye masks, which you can find in beauty markets, contain ingredients that create effective results around the eyes, such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, as well as natural ingredients.