What should you pay attention to to prevent hand aging?

What should you pay attention to to prevent hand aging?


Who doesn’t want their hands to look younger? The signs of aging can start from the hands first. Hand skin, which is more sensitive than the rest of the body, can quickly wrinkle and dry out. Dry hands can reveal your age and even make you look older than you are. To make your hands look younger, you should listen to our hand care recommendations.

1- Moisturize your hands regularly

The most important cause of premature aging of the hand skin is dryness. Dry hand skin looks older, hard and neglected than it is. If you want to keep your hands from looking older than they are, you should moisturize them regularly.

While moisturizing your hands, you should choose hand creams that contain hyaluronic acid and have a restorative feature. CeraVe Repairing Hand Cream, It helps to strengthen the skin barrier by repairing dry and chapped hands. Containing 3 essential ceramides, CeraVe hand cream prevents premature aging by intensely moisturizing the hand skin. Our favorite feature of this hand cream is its controlled release technology. Thus, after applying the hand cream, your hands stay moist all day long. Non-oily and non-sticky WaxSee the kremini You should definitely use it in daily hand care.

2- Hand care after manicure

If you want to prevent premature aging of your hands, you should definitely apply moisturizer to your hands after manicure. Especially if you have dry and prone to wear hands Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, It is obtained from a mixture of vegetable oils and olive fruit oil. Acting almost like a glove against moisture loss, Kiehl’s hand cream protects hands against environmental factors and moisturizes extremely dry hands. Processes such as warm water, soap, aromatic oils, nail file and nail polish applied in manicure can lead to dry hands. Moisturize your hands with hand cream to make your hands look lively, smooth and moist after manicure.

Editor’s suggestion: Cutting your cuticles with scissors while doing a manicure can also cause your hands to dry out. For this reason, you should care for your nails by pushing them backwards instead of cutting the cuticles.

3- Protect your hands from the sun

Do you know that one of the causes of hand aging is the sun? You apply sunscreen to your face to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun, but what about your hands? Your hands are exposed to the sun as much as your face during the day. To prevent this, you should apply sunscreen to your hands, regardless of summer or winter.

For those who want sunscreen suggestions for the hand La Roche Posay Anthelios UVMune SPF50+ Moisturizing Sunscreen we recommend. Broad spectrum sunscreen with high protection Helps moisturize sensitive and dry skin. This sunscreen, suitable for the hands, protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays, while protecting the skin of the hands against problems caused by Infrared-A rays and pollution. Thanks to the sunscreen, which is resistant to water and sweat, your hands will be protected from sun damage. Now you know the secret of young hands!

4- Stay away from hot water

Cause of fine wrinkles on your hands dry hand it could be. You should reduce the contact of hot water that causes dry hands as much as possible. If you have to wash your hands frequently, you should use warm water. Instead of conventional soaps that dry your hands, you should prefer hand soaps with moisturizing properties.

After washing your hands, you should definitely moisten them with hand cream. If you need to wash your hands outside, we recommend taking a travel-size hand cream with you. Outside